Online Tips and Caveats


1) Social Media Manager Sandra Yeaman has issued this statement: Member email addresses included on the Guild’s website posed a potential risk to members’ privacy because scammers and spammers use email harvesting bots to collect addresses to build their own email lists. As a result, any personal email addresses on pages such as Members’ Works and Speakers Bureau have been disguised by substituting @ with (at). Humans can read these disguised email addresses, but harvesting bots will only see them as strings of text.

2) If you would like to fill out our 2017 Membership Survey online (or in case you missed our May meeting, where paper copies were distributed), please head to by July 24th. Thank you for your participation!

3) On a lighter note, Sandra also urges members not to overlook the SDWEG Facebook page (, where she posts links to articles with tips for writers. In addition, all the Guild’s website posts are linked there, too. Following the Facebook page ensures you will see everything related to the Guild’s activities.

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