Odin Awardees

In the forty years since the Guild was founded, it has recognized twenty people for their body of work or their contributions to the San Diego writing community. This post includes information about five of those previous awardees.

Jack Webb

Author Jack Webb was born in California and wrote fifteen novels under his own name and two pen names, John Farr and Tex Grady. He was often confused with the actor/director Jack Webb who starred in the TV series Dragnet.

Arthur Salm

Arthur Salm is a former book review editor and columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He lives in San Diego, California.

For more information, see his website.

Victor Villasenor

Victor Villaseñor is both an author and frequent speaker whose presentations often focus on challenges students with undiagnosed conditions such as dyslexia face.

For more information, see his website.

T. Jefferson Parker

T. Jefferson Parker began his career in journalism where he covered the police and city hall for The Newport Ensign. Relying on those experiences, he has written a number of mysteries with police or former police as the central figures.

For more information, see his website.

Yvonne Nelson Perry

Yvonne Nelson Perry has been a member of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild for many years. In addition to her short story collection, The Other Side of the Island, set in Hawai'i, she is known for her contributions to the Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

For more information, see the Santa Barbara Writers Conference website.

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