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I accidentally brought money to a book s by Brittany Stevens, on Flickr
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The SDW/EG web page for Members’ Works is open to any member who would like to list either books or articles published in peer reviewed or edited professional journals or popular magazines.Your listing puts your book in front of visitors to the website and lets the public know the variety of titles our members write. If you would like to be listed, look at the page and send the appropriately formatted reference(s) to Sandra Yeaman, Social Media Manager:

For information about becoming a member, check out the Join the Guild page.

1 thought on “Membership Benefit – Members’ Works”

  1. Great opportunity for members to display their work and for the Guild to be made aware of your publishing accomplishments. (And speaking of publishing, don’t forget to submit your short story, essay, or poem for publishing in the 2016 SDWEG anthology, “The Guilded Pen – 5th Edition.”)

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