Member Survey Results

From the March 2016 edition of the newsletter

Survey replies from nineteen members, nine of whom had been members from one to five years, indicated the following:

  • 63% of members liked programs on the craft of writing,
  • 74% liked presentations on marketing and publication and
  • 47% liked programs by authors.

These members write as much non-fiction as fiction and write short pieces such as articles and poetry as often as books.

Eighty-eight percent prefer to receive the paper edition of the newsletter, and 47% would like to read contributions by members.

News of the next meeting is the most visited page of the website, followed by the Members Resources pages.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents have participated in the anthology, 53% in the Marketing Support Group, 32% in the Members’ Works web page and 26% in the Speakers Bureau member benefit program.

Suggestions included assistance in finding a read-and-critique group, information regarding the opportunities available to writers, and information about the activities of other writers’ groups.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a survey

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