Member Spotlight: Diana Amsden

Diana Avery Amsden, Ph.D., was recently interviewed by Marilyn Moore of the Atlas Society regarding growing up in a family of archaeologists in northern New Mexico, six degrees, discovery and critique of Ayn Rand, experience at the first Libertarian Party convention, work in Hollywood, her Atlas Shrugged Index, and ideas for an Atlas Shrugged miniseries. View the interview at:

2 thoughts on “Member Spotlight: Diana Amsden”

  1. I was introduced to Atlas Shrugged in 1973 by my best friend’s dad. I did not know what Libertarianism even was but liked the strong silent type of character Ayn wrote about. I am now 68 and find I reject all “isms”. I find them cult-like. Especially Libertarians – they pick and choose what aspects they like (what financially benefits them!).

  2. Good interview! I’m going to read it again. I think that in this era Rand is misunderstood. People think she’s an apologist for crony capitalism—which couldn’t be further from what she showed in her work. I don’t agree with her on everything, but she has important points that we could all consider if we are truly interested in what, practically, works in a society. I do wonder what she’d make of global climate change. Sometimes it takes all of us working together whether we like it or not. And sometimes government has to be the organizing entity to accomplish those tasks.

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