Marketing Monday – Which Social Media Platforms Do You Want More of?

Over the past months, I have introduced a number of social media platforms that can be used in your marketing efforts. At this point, I'd like feedback regarding which platforms you want to know more about. In the comments section, please type the one or two platforms you are most interested in exploring first. As a reminder, here are links to the social media options already introduced:

To leave your feedback, scroll down below this post until you see "Leave a Reply" and add the names of the platforms you wish to learn more about in the Comment block or send a reply to

2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday – Which Social Media Platforms Do You Want More of?”

  1. I’m interested in learning more about Pinterest and Instagram. I know it’s important to include photos in all of my blog posts, but I typically don’t take many photos myself (except of my cats… and the books I buy or receive in the mail), so I’m usually a bit stumped as to what I can share on these platforms. Pinterest is a bit easier, since you can just link the image from your blog post, but since Instagram requires you to photograph something, I am always wondering what might interest readers from a “behind the scenes” perspective. After all, a photo of my WIP on my computer isn’t all that exciting… is it?

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