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readingalley_logoReading Alley serves both authors and readers. Through the Reading Alley platform, authors seek reviews through selecting reviewers from the database of volunteer reviewers and those wishing to review books identify their preferred genre and declare their willingness to read and review manuscripts or already published books. Accounts are free to both authors and readers, although authors must provide copies of manuscripts (in review copy format) or copies of books for reviewers.

For Authors and Publishers

Reading Alley gives you instant access to a community of independent reviewers who can submit insightful reviews and feedback on your books.

In addition, Reading Alley serves as a repository of book reviews. Submitted reviews can be posted on the site, providing a reference to others looking for reviews and recommendations on your books.

For Reviewers

Read books for free! All we ask in exchange is for you to share your thoughts and write your honest, unbiased review afterward. This is the guiding principle that supports the Reading Alley framework. If you are willing to accept this, hop in and join us today!

Reading Alley offers a variety of books from different genres that cater to all types of reviewer interests. Have the opportunity to read and review pre-published books from both popular and up-and-coming authors before they hit the shelves.

SDW/EG also needs manuscript reviewers to support that benefit for membership. If you wish to serve on the Manuscript Review Committee, contact Bob Doublebower, committee chair. If you want to build up your credibility as a reviewer before volunteering to serve on the SDW/EG Manuscript Review Committee, consider Reading Alley. When you have some reviews under your belt, volunteer for the Manuscript Review Committee.

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