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pinterestI have only recently begun using Pinterest and am finding it to be an incredibly useful place to "pin," or save, items I want to go back to later because I don't have time to read everything as I come across it. It is where I pin items I want to look at as possible sources for Marketing Monday posts, where I save the great ideas from more experienced marketing pros out in the blogosphere. Before Pinterest, I kept a Word document or a draft blog post to store links. Saving each as a Bookmark or a Favorite would have been cluttered as there are too many and in many cases my reasons for pinning something is temporary.

Pinterest allows users to create boards in order to group like items. I have a board for Marketing, one for Writing, one for Publishing, one for Books, and several that are unrelated to writing but include my personal interests such as travel destinations, craft ideas, recipes, and foods. I also followed Claire Diaz-Ortiz's great idea of using Pinterest as a dream board, a place where I pin items related to my bucket list as well as motivational quotes that keep me focused on the positive.

I read a recent blog post by Jason Fried on the look and feel AND FEEL of designing products, who pointed out how a product makes him feel after he has used it, not just how the product "feels" in his hand, is another type of feeling designers should consider. He remarked that once he has read through his Twitter stream each day, he often feels depressed or even angry because of the number of posts that took umbrage with something or someone. But when he looks at posts on Instagram, another social media platform, like Pinterest, that relies on images, not words, to connect with readers, he feels uplifted and positive since posts there emphasize what is possible, not what has already (not) happened. Pinterest has that same positive after effect for me.

But enough about why I use Pinterest to make my life easier; there are marketing opportunities to explore. And this post, "Using Pinterest To Quickly Promote Your Blog," from blogger Sue Anne's "Successful Blogging" site shares not just her reasons for using Pinterest, but the reasons of 31 other successful bloggers who use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs.

If you haven't tried Pinterest, an easy way to get started is to set up an account at and create a board for SDW/EG. Then open the SDW/EG site and look at the end of each page or post to see the many ways the page or post can be shared - using WordPress's "Press This" feature (more on that in a later post), on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and by email.


Select "Pinterest" from the options at the bottom of the post and "pin" your choice to your SDW/EG board. If there are multiple images on the post, you will be able to choose which one you want for your pin. You can pin as many items from the SDW/EG website as you would like to the board which will serve as your Pinterest "Favorites" for SDW/EG. And because life isn't always easy to divide up into neat little boxes, you can pin the same item on more than one board.

Once you start pinning items to your board, Pinterest will suggest other items, boards, topics, and people you might want to check out. You can search for boards and pins. You can repin items found on other boards. You can pin posts from your own blog to your boards. You can follow other people or their boards and you will begin getting notices when others follow you or your board. It is all about collecting and sharing information, including pitching your books to potential buyers. Pinterest helps you find those potential buyers each time someone chooses to follow you, your pins, or your boards. You can reach out to each of those potential buyers to thank them for following you and to ask questions about their interests.

Don't have a blog yet? Why not? Here's a reminder of 10 reasons to blog from author and blogger Ryan Lanz. And a reminder of how easy it is to get started with WordPress. If you need more help, watch out for the next round of WordPress University's  free Blogging 101 course. And check out the San Diego WordPress Help Meetup.

Still think setting up a blog for your books is too difficult? Then join us at SDW/EG's Marketing Support Group which meets at 5:30 p.m., just before the regular monthly meetings on the fourth Monday of each month. It is just one of the benefits of Guild membership.

For more information about membership, check out the Join the Guild page. Dues are prorated throughout the year; joining in September is only $12.00 for the rest of 2015. Check out the other benefits of membership as well.

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