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linkedin-logoThe first step to building relationships on LinkedIn is to join groups of others who share your interests. There are 3,596 groups on LinkedIn that are related to "Writing." Some of these groups have more than 10,000 members. Select a few that look interesting and then see what has been posted in those groups.

Be careful to review the ground rules for the groups. Some do not permit promotion. Join them if you wish, but be sure not to violate the ground rules. Add a comment to a few. Then look at the profiles of those who posted the original item or comments. Request a connection to others in the group. When you are comfortable, start a new discussion in one or more of the groups.

Next, Share an update, Upload a photo, or Publish a post (see links below).


share-photo-publishLinkedIn will help you build your network by suggesting connections. All. The. Time. But consider that a benefit. The more connections you make, the broader your network. The broader your network, the more people will see your LinkedInAds (one of the options under Business Services).



LinkedIn offers premium services to businesses, such as Sales Navigator and Lead Builder, to help identify potential customers.

For more information, check out this article on B2B Marketing Mentor Software Advice.

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