Jonathan Maberry Offers Workshop on Writing Fight and Action Scenes

SDWEG honorary member Jonathan Maberry is offering a 3-hour workshop on writing fight and action scenes.

When: Saturday, June 13, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. PDT

Where: via Zoom

Cost: $25
To enroll make a PayPal payment to Specify in the comments that the payment is for this workshop and include your preferred email address where you'd like to receive the Zoom link. I'll be emailing it a week before the workshop. Spots are limited, so sign up now! (webmaster note: Jonathan donates the proceeds to worthy causes.)

Workshop Description: Well-written fights and chase and action scenes can turn a book into a red-hot page-turner… but they have to be done right. Join NY Times bestselling author and martial arts expert Jonathan Maberry (former bodyguard, 8th degree black belt jujutsu master, and former expert witness for murder cases involving martial arts) for a no-holds barred workshop on how to write believable and riveting fight and action scenes. Included in this program are: choreographing an action scene; understanding what is possible (and what’s not!); myths and misconceptions about unarmed combat; and much more!

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