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Are you registered on the Guild's website? Registration is the only way that you can access the Members Only portion of the Guild's website.

If you haven't registered already, or if you don't know if you are registered, contact to find out what you need to do.

If you are registered, it's time to review your profile to be sure everything is accurate. Select Member Login to sign in, or select Update Your Account if you are already signed in.

We've added three fields that are empty for most of our members:

  • website address
  • permission to include your contact information in the membership directory
  • actively seeking

The first of those fields has been in the membership management application all along, so members who joined since we implemented that application have had the opportunity to provide it. But in the past, members may have included their website addresses within their profile bios. We'd like to pull those addresses out of bios and into the appropriate field to make finding the addresses easier.

The second is something we added to be sure we have members' permission to include contact information in our directory. Each month we create a new version of the directory from the membership management application, and we link it to the Members Only page. If you do not wish your information included, check the box to show you do not want your information shared. It is our policy to provide the directory only to members, not to the public.

We added the third new field so that we can respond when we get questions or requests, such as a recent one from someone looking for a ghostwriter. Three members indicated they do ghostwriting in their profile bios, and we made those members aware of the opportunity for another such job. So graphic artists, editors, indexers, proofreaders, book interior designers, website designers, ghostwriters, beta readers: let us know you are looking for such opportunities so we can help match you up when we hear of needs.

We will never share members' information directly with nonmembers. The matches will only be made by passing on information about those seeking services to members who are interested.

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