It’s Official: CreateSpace Is Going Away

Kindle Direct Publishing

SDWEG member Rick Lakin passed on this message he received from the CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) team.

We are contacting you because you ordered author copies within the past year for one or more CreateSpace books that are not currently available for sale on To continue ordering copies when the move from CreateSpace to KDP begins in a few weeks, you will need to make your books available for sale on To make your books available for sale, please log in to your CreateSpace account and select “” under the “Standard Distribution” channels.

If you do not take action before the move begins, your CreateSpace books that are not available for sale on will move to KDP in a ‘draft’ status. You will then need to make your books available for sale on by publishing your book from the KDP Bookshelf to continue ordering author copies and to make them available for customers to purchase.

Learn more about author copies on KDP here.

Stay up-to-date on the latest information about the CreateSpace move to KDP here.

Best Regards,
The CreateSpace and KDP Team

Rick has already moved his library of 35 books on CreateSpace to KDP Print. He also offers his assistance to any Guild member who needs help to do the same. His contact information is in the 2018 SDWEG Membership Directory. If you don't have a directory, send a message to to ask how to reach Rick.

3 thoughts on “It’s Official: CreateSpace Is Going Away”

  1. From Rick:


    Createspace has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon for as long as I have been in publishing. When KDP started doing paperbacks about a year ago, they were beginning a process to streamline their business. Createspace became redundant. In my opinion, KDP will be one-stop shopping. It will unify your ebook and paperback product much more quickly on Amazon, In other words, it is time for us to say goodbye to an old friend and move on.

    At this time, Amazon only requires exclusivity for ebooks in order to get on Kindle Unlimited. Createspace has never had a problem co-existing with Ingram and other print distributors. On the other hand, CS and Amazon have never offered the specialized print services that non-fiction or an illustrated children’s book might require.

    I cannot predict the future other than to say that Amazon wants to control the world. Right now, they control the ebook world. As technology evolves, Amazon may at some point make an offer you can’t refuse if you give them exclusivity for print.

    I offer my opinions as an author, publisher and experienced industry watcher. I do not have any inside information.

  2. Thanks for this heads up, Rick. So what does this mean for authors about to publish their books? Will KDP be the only Amazon avenue for publishing? Does it mean exclusivity when publishing via Amazon is required?

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