Introducing New Board Members

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From the November issue of The Writer’s Life.

Board elections were held at the October 23 meeting. Five members were elected to serve two-year terms, beginning January 1st. The one winner who is an incumbent to the board is Mardie Schroeder, our current president. Mardie has been a SDWEG board member the past two years, and she writes the “What You Missed” feature for the SDWEG newsletter. She had stories published in The Guilded Pen each year since 2014. Her novel Go West for Luck Go West for Love was published in 2015. The other four election winners are brand new to the SDWEG board. They are:

Janet Hafner’s professional career includes teaching at Palomar College, where she instructed teachers in Spanish and in ESL (English as a Second Language). She has written a children’s novel titled Eye of an Eagle, and concomitantly she is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has published stories in SDWEG’s The Guilded Pen since 2015, and she has an essay appearing in the 2017 edition of the Oasis Journal.

Adolpho Sanchez is Past-President of Management Training Teams, Inc., and is currently Executive Director of United Systems Institute, Inc. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MSW from San Diego State University as well as a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Adolpho received Volunteer Entrepreneurship Training and Counseling and also Job Search Assistance Training and Counseling at the North University City Public Library.

Ken Yaros practiced family dentistry for 45 years and is now semi-retired. Shortly after retiring, he awoke one morning at 3 a.m. with an intense urgency to write a movie... of all things! He never wrote much outside of professional letters up to that time. Evidently, the writing bug bit him big time. For the past five years, he has had an opportunity to learn, improve, and aspire through relationships with other passionate writers, first at Oasis and now through SDWEG and a writing critique group.

Frank Newton’s eclectic working life includes being the founding executive director of two national nonprofit organizations and executive director of three local nonprofits. He was editor of a Smithsonian publication titled “The New World,” and also owner/publisher/editor of a senior citizen community newspaper titled “The Silver Wave” in Santa Barbara. In 2015 he published an award-winning middle school novel based on Aztec culture, titled The Trials of Tizoc, and he is now a lecturer for Oasis on Aztec and Inca history. Incidental to any of this, Frank received a White House appointment (under President Clinton) as the Southwest Regional Director of the federal Corporation for National and Community Service, and (eons ago) also earned a Ph.D. in Psychological Anthropology from UCLA.

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  1. Welcome to our new board members Janet Hafner, Frank Newton, and Adolpho Sanchez, and Ken Yaros, and congratulations to returning board member and SDWEG President Mardie Schroeder. Marcia Buompensiero, Treasurer and member of the SDWEG board of directors

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