The Guild is implementing a membership management system to improve our record keeping, simplify our dues collection, and provide content only Guild members can access online. The first step in the implementation is for current Guild members to register on the website.

Following are the steps that are proven to work. If you follow these steps and run into problems with the registration process, please contact

Start Here!

Read through this entire page so you have an overview of the process. Then select the "Register" option here.

A new s2Member screen will appear.

Fill in the blanks marked with an asterisk (*)--they are required. You may fill in as many of the other fields as you wish. This form approximates the online application form and captures the same information that you have already completed on either that form or a printed copy of the form. Scroll to the bottom of this form.

When you have completed the required fields and others you wish to enter, select "Register." A new screen will appear.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN AT THIS POINT. You haven't established your password yet. I don't know why this screen appears. Do not enter anything on this screen. Go to the next step.

Check the email address you used when registering and look for a message from [San Diego Writers and Editors Guild].

Select the unique link to bring up a new screen with a strong password, ready for you to change it to your desired password.

The screen above should appear. You can now log in by selecting the underlined "Log in" link.

When you successfully log in, the SDWEG Members Only page will appear.

Note, however, that the information you will see at this point does not include unique content because one more step--behind the scenes--is needed. When I receive notification that you have registered, I will elevate your status from "Subscriber" to "Member." Please be patient since I don't sit at my computer all day and night (though my husband might argue with me on that). I will send a message when I have elevated your status. At that point, you will see both the SDWEG Members Only link and another option in the menu: Update Your Account.

When you see that link, you can be certain that your status will now give you access to any content on the website that is only available to registered members. You can also update your contact information, your bio information, and anything else that will appear in the Guild's membership directory. We hope this will streamline getting the directory completed each year with assurance that the contact information is current.