How to Build an Author Website in 1 Hour

Ok, I'll admit the title is a tease because I'm not going to tell you how to build an author website in 1 hour. What I am going to do is provide you a link to a website where the information can be found -

I'm also going to remind you that the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild has a Facebook page where I often post links like the one above instead of trying to write a longer post about them. Some pieces are already so well written that I don't think I can improve on presenting the information in the time I have to try.

facebookSo here's my plea to you: Go ahead and check out the link in the first paragraph of this post to Tim Grahl's post about how to build the ultimate author website. But then go to SDWEG's Facebook page and select the "Like" button so you'll get all the posts about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing that I find valuable enough to share with you. All posts to the Guild's website will also appear on the Guild's Facebook page, so you won't miss anything.

And for those of you out there who know you need to become more active on social media, even if you have already decided you hate Facebook (and I know you know who you are), please, please, please like the Guild's Facebook page so you will get something of value to look forward to.

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