Guild members represent at the Creative Industry Expo

SDWEG Treasurer Marcia Buompensiero and President Mardie Schroeder attended the Creative Industry Expo, held March 25th, sponsored by Delta Mu Delta at the University of Phoenix – San Diego Campus School of Business. This proved to be a successful event for the Guild, with our President meeting and speaking with each of the exhibitors, either leaving them with a Guild card or inviting them to the Guild's table for further information.

One person became a member on the spot, and many expressed keen interest in the Guild.

A number of workshops and panel discussions were also held, as part of the Expo, though our representatives did not attend. Approximately 50 exhibitors were assembled to speak to the public about their writing careers.

Also tabling at the event were Guild members Edward Lopatin, Lance Carleton, and Marie DiMercurio.

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