Guild Members Around the Town


SDWEG is proud to note when its members are engaged in creative activities with other organizations around San Diego and beyond.

Several members are giving lectures for Oasis of San Diego, an organization dedicated to life-long learning for older adults. The following SDWEG members are serving as lecturers in the “Spring semester” of Oasis classes.

Philip Pryde — His two 90-minute lectures this term are titled “Bird Migration: Marvels, Myths and Mysteries” and “The Uniqueness of the San Diego Region,” based on his book San Diego: An Introduction to the Region.

Richard Lederer — Popular columnist and radio personality on all matters linguistic, Lederer will conduct two Oasis lectures: “Dances with Words” and “An Afternoon of Language and Laughter.”

Chloe Edge — In Escondido, Chloe will be conducting two six-session writing workshops titled “Creative Writing,” where she will encourage writers to expand their writing experience.

Frank Newton — SDWEG’s newsletter editor is conducting three 90-minute history lectures: “The Pizarro Brothers and the Inca Conquest,” “The Bloody French Revolution,” and “Napoleon’s Imperial Launch (and crash landing in the South Atlantic).”

Ruth Leyse-Wallace — In Escondido, Ruth’s expertise as a nutritionist will be brought to bear in her lecture “How Do Nutrients Affect Mental Health?”

Anne Hoiberg — Anne is an inductee into the Women’s Hall of Fame and she is also President of the Women’s Museum of California. Her two Oasis lectures are titled “Inspiring Women from San Diego’s History” and “ Pioneering Women in Politics.”

Lola Sparrowhawk — Although not currently a member, Lola is a long-time SDWEG member and an avid supporter, and she will be conducting a 5-session workshop titled “Introduction to Creative Writing” as well as a 6-session workshop on “Creative Writing.”

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