Google Books Wins in Court


googlebooksBy Ruth Leyse-Wallace, from the May 2016 Newsletter

In 2004 Google started scanning books with no recompense to authors. The digitized copies can be searched for quotes or keywords and will display paragraphs or pages of content. The Authors Guild took them to court. The Supreme Court recently declined to hear the case, which had reached settlement in Google’s favor in 2011. (A similar program by my publisher [Taylor & Francis] includes my latest book. Ruth L-W)

1 thought on “Google Books Wins in Court”

  1. Digitizing books was probably inevitable. Blame Gutenberg, or even the monks hand-copying onto parchment. Google claims to be a repository or library for the benefit of all. I.e., it doesn’t charge for access to the books and the information contained therein. I used Google Books a lot when doing research for my Civil War book, so I have benefited from it. Thus, I have mixed feelings about it.

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