Glimmer Train New Writer Award

Upcoming deadline: New Writer Award: 1st place $2,500 and publication

Deadline: 2/28/18

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Trees of Ardley, 1998
Open only to emerging writers whose fiction has not appeared in any print publication with a circulation over 5,000. (Previous online publication is fine.)

Our 2018 submission calendar

The 1st-place winner of the New Writer Award will be published in Glimmer Train and will receive $2,500 and 10 copies of that issue. Second- and third-place win $500/$300, respectively, or, if accepted for publication, $700. Winners and finalists will be announced in the May bulletin, and contacted directly the previous week.

Most submissions run 1,000 - 4,000 words, but stories as long as 12,000 words are fine.

Writing Guidelines

Most of my stories start with a character doing something. Sometimes that image will mark the beginning of a story and sometimes it will mark the end, so the question for the narrative becomes, either "How did he get in this situation?" or, "Where can she go from here?"

—Bret Anthony Johnston, interviewed by Margo Williams

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