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From Our Mailbag: Yefe Nof Residency


The following message from Gil Soltz, Founder, the Yefe Nof Residency, landed in the Guild's inbox recently.

I'm writing to let you know that applications for the California Writing Residency in partnership with @1888Center are being accepted until February 28. For more information please go to California Writing Residency.

The story about how Yefe Nof got started and all the details about our new culture are on the site. Some distinguishing points of information to pass onto prospective applicants include:

• This residency is two weeks for one resident at a time.
• The time is for emerging authors to do final stage work.
• Work completed becomes part of interdisciplinary dialogue of ideas.
• Recipients will be considered for 1888's Cost of Paper Anthology.

Thanks in advance for passing on this information. I'm looking forward to meeting your group next time I'm in Southern California.

All the best to you and your fellow writers.

Gil Soltz
Founder, the Yefe Nof Residency

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