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interview-poseSocial Media Examiner (SME), the world's largest online social media magazine, hosts events to bring together social media marketers with vendors of products to improve the effectiveness of social media efforts. While most of the participants are likely from companies using social media to market their products, the daily newsletter SME sends to its subscribers (it's free) includes tidbits of value to smaller businesses and individuals seeking to use social media to get marketing messages out to as broad an audience as possible.

SME also interviews people in the profession and provides links to these podcasts to those who wish to listen to them later. You can subscribe to their daily podcasts by following the instructions here.

To provide more of an introduction to what SME offers, below are links to guides, checklists, and templates from other companies that were included in recent SME e-mail messages.

If you have set up your profiles on social media platforms but still aren't quite sure how to use them, check out the links above. You might find just the inspiration you need to get your social media marketing campaign started--or restarted.

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