Five sources of free images from Claire Diaz-Ortiz

claire-diaz-ortizI became acquainted with Claire Diaz-Ortiz when a colleague sent a link for a free version of her book, Twitter for Good. It was the first book I read entirely on my iPhone, and it  opened my eyes to the possibilities of Twitter beyond the self-indulgent "here's what I'm doing now" posts. I've been following her on Twitter ever since and have cherished the gems she shares.

I want to share her tips, starting with this one on five top sources for free images online. She mentions one I included in a previous Marketing Monday post ('s creative commons licensed images) and I thought I had mentioned, but didn't (, but three of her top five are new to me -,, and Some have restrictions on their free use, so check them out before using them.

Once you check out Claire's post on image sources, dip into some of her other posts on writing and the good it does for you, the writer, as well as your readers.


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