First San Diego Writers Festival at the San Diego Central Library

San Diego Central Library

The San Diego Public Library is sponsoring the first San Diego Writers Festival April 13, 2019.

Stories transform both the teller and the listener. Not everyone is willing, or even capable of reading a book‚ but they might read a graphic novel, they might listen to music or podcasts, they might watch movies or go to the theatre, and they most assuredly will tell each other stories. Story is everywhere.

The San Diego Writers Festival is a free, community based event to celebrate the power of writing and storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell.

Stories validate experience. Throughout history we have been telling stories and passing our words from one generation to the next. Words unite us. Words inspire us. Words entertain, educate, and heal us.

There is power in narrative—power to transform, to nourish, to become anew. Words can tear down walls and build trust. Our stories bring us together.

Writers of all kinds will be celebrated, including authors of poetry, spoken word, music, screenplays, books, theatre, plays, graphic novels, comic books, and more. Daytime events will include craft and business-based workshops, live performances, educational panels, opportunities to meet authors, vendors, book signings, poetry readings, live music, teen workshops, and kid-friendly events. 

The Festival is about inclusivity and accessibility to all communities, all races, all genders, all religions, all people, all stories.

How can you get involved?

01. Perform

The organizers invite all authors and poets, playwrights and screenwriters, spoken word performers, musicians, and anyone who is a creative writer get involve and perform or present at the Festival. You can rent an author’s booth, do a book signing, present on your topic of expertise, be a featured performer, or read a selection from your work.

02. Volunteer

The San Diego Writers Festival is looking for Volunteers to help with this exciting inaugural event. They need your help: setup, room monitoring, guests liaisons, docents, ushers, creative support, runners, and more. Each volunteer will be entered into our drawing for scholarship opportunities and receive a FREE t-shirt, and, most importantly, a chance to make history! Plus, shifts are scheduled so that you too can plan your day and enjoy the festival.

03. Donate

The festival organizers are looking for donations to help support marketing, print collateral, tee-shirts, event maps, swag bags, prizes, and more. Tax deductible donations are being made through The San Diego Memoir Writer’s Association, the fiscal sponsor of the San Diego Writers Festival.

04. Spread the Word

The organizers are putting together a street team to kick off our pre-festival marketing and to help spread the word! This is an exciting event with an opportunities to meet celebrity authors and bring the power of creative writing to all communities in San Diego and beyond. Are you a creative, or know of a creative who would benefit! Join us and help spread the word.

05. Register and Attend

First 200 people to register get a FREE Swag bag of goodies and are entered into our drawing to win fabulous prizes! Plus, we'll send you updates about exciting events, celebrity authors, and more. Scroll to the bottom of this page to register.

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