Expired: Email Marketing

SDWEG member Penn Wallace invites Guild members to attend a Saturday morning workshop on how to set up an email list for marketing your works.

What’s the big deal with mailing lists?

Marketing experts will tell you it’s an important tool in your tool kit. Penn Wallace says it’s your second most important marketing tool.

You don’t have one?

Here’s how to get started.

Need help building and using you list?

We’ll cover those topics too.

Our email marketing class will start with the question “Why do you need an email list?” Once we’ve discussed the reasons for having a mailing list we’ll move on to how to build your list.

We’ll dig into the topic of “How do I manage my email list?” I’ll give specific examples of things the students can do today to start building a business tool.

We will also do a live exercise on how to use Mail Chimp. We will have wi-fi so bring your laptops.  We’ll set up accounts for those that don’t already have one, then we’ll send out a sample mailing to everyone in the class.

After these preliminaries are complete, we’ll move on to how to use your mailing list for fun and profit. We’ll discuss such topics as writing newsletters, running promotions, rollouts, and special loyalty rewards programs.

All of this leads to the topic of reader loyalty. We’ll give concrete examples of things you can do today to start building that loyalty, from giving away special promotional items to how to handle your fan mail.


Saturday, January 20, 2018, 9:30 a.m. to noon


San Diego County Health Services Building, 3851 Rosecrans, San Diego, CA 92110

How can I register?

Go to Event Registration and complete the registration form. A limited number of seats will be available for this event. The event is free for SDWEG members. Non-members will be charged $5.00.

photo credit: Damian Zaleski

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