Don’t Delay. Register for Members Only Content

Within the next month, the Guild plans to implement a membership management system to improve our record keeping, simplify our dues collection, and provide content online that only Guild members can access. The first step in the implementation is for current Guild members to register on the website.

For the past two months, members of the Board of Directors have been encouraged to register on the site. Several new members have discovered the possibility and went ahead to register. Today we're adding an incentive. Beginning with the publication of this post, certain content on the Guild's website will be available only to members. Specifically,

  • Resources for Writers and Resources to Create a Website will no longer be accessible to non-Guild members (or Guild members who haven't yet registered on the website).
  • The current version of the newsletter will also continue to be availably only only to registered members.
  • We will also make presentations given at our meetings available only to Guild members. Our first such Members Only offering is Leon Lazarus's presentation on Marketing with Irresistible Emails from our January meeting.

Because some adventuresome members have run into problems trying to register on their own, we provide the steps, which are proven to work, here, or just below the Guild's logo in the left column of the website when viewed on a full-sized computer screen (remember Leon's comment about content displaying differently on tablets and smart phones). See below:

Don't delay. Register now to access members only content on the Guild's website.

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