CreateSpace to KDP Print: One Author’s Experience

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A note from SDWEG member Bob Boze on his experience with the migration of previously published books on CreateSpace to the KDP Print platform, with suggestions:

I just finished moving all of my books from CreateSpace to KDP Print. When I’d published our new book (webmaster's note: a separate post about this milestone for Bob and Robyn was published previously), I noticed that our book description for the paperback version was all jammed up into one giant run-on paragraph. After contacting Amazon they told me the description for their paperbacks was in HTML. That meant all blank lines from an uploaded word description were removed, and I needed to insert <br> (HTML code for adding a line break) into the description to ensure blank lines appear before new paragraphs.

This morning after all my books had been moved, I went in and looked, and sure enough, all my descriptions that were moved from CreateSpace are all jammed up.

So, if you have moved or plan to move books to the KDP Print platform, take a look at the description to see where line breaks need to be inserted.

Another webmaster's note: If you want to know more about HTML, check out this link for a tutorial on the codes used on websites such as this one: For those of you with your own websites, even one built with page-builder tools advertised as simple enough for nontechnical folks to use, a knowledge of HTML may come in handy.

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