Congratulations to Guild Officers

At its January meeting, the Board of Directors of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild elected officers. Congratulations to the following elected officers:

  • President - Mardie Schroeder
  • Vice President - Bob Doublebower
  • Secretary - Laurie Asher
  • Treasurer - Marcia Buompensiero
  • Membership Chair - Adolpho Sanchez

President Mardie Schroeder also appointed Rivkah Sleeth to fill the eleventh Board member position established by the Guild's Bylaws since the position reserved for the Immediate Past President won't otherwise be filled.

Mardie appointed other directors and members serving in ex officio capacities to non-officer positions mentioned in the Bylaws. Congratulations to the following:

  • Greeter at meetings - Gered Beeby
  • Newsletter editor - Patricia Bossano
  • Webmaster and social media manager - Sandra Yeaman

Mardie also designated heads of two ad hoc committees to serve in 2019:

  • Bylaws Committee - Bob Doublebower, chair
  • 40th Anniversary Celebration Committee - Gered Beeby, chair

Image credit: unsplash-logoSamuel Zeller

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