Calling All Flash Fiction Writers

flash of light

The Guild's inbox recently contained a message from David Bassett, a wildlife writer from Hampshire, U.K. who is in the process of collating flash fiction pieces that will form an anthology based on wildlife issues entitled Wild Voices. David is looking for authors with interests in preserving wildlife and flash fiction.

When completed, David plans for all proceeds of the anthology to be donated to wildlife charities in order to raise money for threatened species, their protectors, and the fight against the extinction.

Due to the anthology being in the early stages of development, David is contacting as many Creative Writing groups such as the Guild to spread the word about this project so that as many people will get involved and submit pieces of writing, all the meanwhile contributing to a great cause.

For information about the submission requirements, see the Wild Voices Facebook page--

At present there is no deadline for submissions. But don't delay.  Get your story of 1,000 words or less done soon.

Image credit: Osman Rana

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