• 05

    18:00 -20:30
    San Diego Writers, Ink
    2370 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, 2nd floor, San Diego, CA

    During this 8-session class, you will complete an 18-month personal marketing calendar that you can implement immediately regardless of where you are in your publishing/writing process. Marketing options and techniques will be introduced and explored. Classes include one 20-minute break, informal lecture, hands-on-tasks, Q & A sessions, guest experts, and videos.

    Task-oriented training, each participant will create a personal marketing calendar based on their individual needs and goals.

    Participants are expected to bring a laptop and participate in weekly class workshops and discussions.

    This class is presented by SDWEG members JR Strayve and Tamara Merrill.

  • 07

    14:30 -16:30
    San Diego Writers, Ink
    2370 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, 2nd floor, San Diego, CA

    Double Your Audience with Audio: Creating Your Audiobook with Nathan Agin

    Did you know that now is a perfect time to create your audiobook, and that there are thousands of people waiting to read it? Plus, getting it out to market has never been more accessible. But where do you start? How does it work? What do you look for in a narrator?

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    15:00 -18:00
    LGBT Center
    3909 Centre St San Diego, CA 92103

    Many of us wonder: Can I be myself AND be accepted?
    At Authenticity Fest, the answer is yes.

    At this FREE 3-hour event, we will share stories and talk about our true selves. You can come and just listen, and if you want, you are welcome to share your own story. The theme is authenticity & coming out, so please tell us about anything you were or still are nervous to share.

    Some examples of experiences or identities that people can sometimes be nervous to share about are

    • physical/mental health

    • drastic career changes (or desires to change careers)

    • non-traditional relationships

    • immigration status or history

    • drug use or abuse

    • gender identity

    • sexual orientation

    • financial struggles

    • other struggles or experiences

    You don’t have to decide in advance whether you want to share your story. You will also have the opportunity to share without getting on a stage, including anonymously.

    Please come within the 1st half hour and try to stay for the whole event. That being said, if you need to come late or leave early, you are totally forgiven.

    3:00-3:30 – snacks & fun welcoming activities
    3:30-5:00 – story sharing
    5:00-6:00 – discussion

  • 10

    17:30 -19:30

    A unique 6-week ONLINE class to get unstuck, gently process your pain and access your brilliance. In this 6-week class you will learn

    • The Writing to Heal Method (what and how),
    • How to get unstuck so you can move on,
    • How to access your brilliance and tap into your creative power stream.

    The class will meet on Zoom. Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy. We will walk through it.

    Class will involve discussion of the core concepts, practice and sharing of our healing experiences (sharing is optional, but you will be comforted to realize that if you are suffering, you are not alone!).

    This class comes with terms and conditions that are explained in the Waiver of Liability, Confidentiality Statement and Disclaimer. Please read it thoroughly. By registering for the class you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in the waiver.

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    All day
    San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
    8757 Rio San Diego Drive, San Diego, CA 92108

    What Is Left Coast Crime?
    Left Coast Crime is an annual mystery convention sponsored by mystery fans, both readers and authors. LCC is held during the first quarter of the year in Western North America. Conventions have been held from Anchorage to El Paso, from Boulder to Hawaii, and various locations in between.

    Our purpose is to host an event where readers, authors, critics, librarians, publishers, and other fans can gather in convivial surroundings to pursue their mutual interests.

    Left Coast Crime is an all-volunteer organization — neither the members of the Standing Committee nor members of each annual convention committee are paid for their time. LCC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Each Left Coast Crime Convention raises money to support a local literacy organization with funds collected through silent and live auctions, and the annual Quilt Raffle.

    Who Is Left Coast Crime For?
    Left Coast Crime is for fans of the mystery/crime genre: readers, authors, librarians, bloggers, publishers, editors, agents, and booksellers.

    What Happens at a Left Coast Crime Convention?
    Our days are built around panel discussions and other programming on a wide variety of topics designed to allow interaction between readers and writers. There are typically three or four programs to choose from during each time slot. The panels can be humorous or serious, educational or entertaining, and are often a mix of everything.There are signings after each panel slot and a book room.

    Several special events are included in your Left Coast Crime registration: Thursday Opening Reception, Friday Meet the New Authors Breakfast, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Awards Banquet. Other special events vary by convention.

    Connections between authors and fans are encouraged with activities like Author Speed-Dating, Author-Reader Connections, and Author-Hosted Tables at the Awards Banquet.

    How Can I Get Involved?
    Register to attend! Then Volunteer to help with the convention! Volunteering is a great way to have fun, meet fellow mystery lovers, and contribute to the Left Coast Crime convention. (You must be registered for the convention to volunteer.)