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October 9
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    A Treasury of Halloween Humor with Richard Lederer

    11:00 -12:00

    Richard Lederer, Union-Tribune Language Columnist, Presents

    What do you call an empty hot dog? A hollow weenie.

    Union-Tribune language columnist Richard Lederer will share history, lore, puns and poems from his brand new book A Treasury of Halloween Humor. Along the way, he’ll share the biographies of your favorite monsters, including ghosts, skeletons, witches, Dracula, and Frankenstein.

    Dr. Lederer invites you to purchase his brand new books, A Treasury of Halloween Humor and A Treasury of Christmas Humor, $13.00 each, for the benefit of Oasis. Dr. Lederer will explain how to order your copies during the lecture.

    Register here for OASIS Class #663.

    If you wish to order Dr. Lederer’s books but cannot attend the Oasis class, here’s his offer to share a portion of the proceeds with SDWEG.