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    First Novel Phobia--Fourth Session

    11:30 -13:30
    San Diego Writers, Ink
    2370 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, 2nd floor, San Diego, CA

    Most writers have a story that needs to be told. What prevents us from creating a book is the fear of unknown. “I have never done that before!” Looking back, you’ll be surprised at how some of your greatest accomplishments came with no previous experience: marriage, parenthood, work!

    Learn from a writer who has “been there and done that” how to find your unique voice and proceed with confidence. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their work for group discussions.

    This is the last of four sessions led by Zoe Ghahremani.

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    A Word with You Press Reunion with Victor Villasenor

    16:00 -21:00
    Rancho Villasenor
    1302 Stewart St., Oceanside, California 92054

    Each year Thorn Sully of A Word with You Press returns to host a reunion at the ranch of best selling author Victor Villasenor in Oceanside. We generally have between 75 and a hundred people, and it has become an important tradition for writers in North County and beyond.
    Everyone gets time at the microphone to share their successes of the past year and their current projects. We have a book swap–bring 3, leave with 3, and we will also be giving away new books.
    There are more details on the FB invitation, and I would ask that you share this with your members.

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    SDWEG Member Margaret Harmon at Old Town Gift Company

    14:00 -16:00
    Old Town Gift Company
    2754 Calhoun Street, San Diego, CA

    If a genie granted you 3 magic wishes, what would you wish? But wait. Why is it always 3? And do we really need magic?

    Win a magic gold coin by figuring out the answer with Margaret Harmon at The Old Town Gift Company, 2754 Calhoun Street, San Diego.

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    Monthly Membership Meeting

    18:30 -20:00
    San Diego County Health Services Facility
    3851 Rosecrans, San Diego, CA 92110

    Our regular monthly membership meeting on the fourth Monday of the month, June 24, 2019.