Bragging Rights for Bob Boze and Robyn Bennett

Guild members Bob Boze and Robyn Bennett were scheduled to present at the Dublin Writers' Festival in June. The organizers of that event have rescheduled it for September. Fingers crossed it will still happen, though pessimists among us predict it may be rescheduled yet again.

If the event goes on as planned, and if Bob and Robyn can get flights arranged, they will present a 2-hour workshop: Editing Untangled. Some Guild members were able to benefit from this workshop when Robyn and Bob presented it for us in 2019. What follows is from the program on the Dublin Writers' Festival website.

Robyn Bennett gives presentations and workshops at conferences, library and community groups incuding at Zonta, writing guilds, and is a long-standing lecturer at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. Robyn writes contemporary romance and business books

Bob Boze gives presentations, and has chaired panels and workshops at writer’s groups (e.g. San Diego: Writers Guild, Editors Network and Romance Writers), and at conferences, book fairs, library and community groups. Bob writes contemporary romance and business books and holds a BS degree in Engineering and Project Management with studies in Creative Writing at NYU, William and Mary, University of Maryland and University of Delaware. 

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