Book Marketing Ideas: Part 8

Book Marketing Ideas

At the Guild's August Marketing Support Group meeting, Laurie Asher shared a document with 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Increase your web presence.

Below are the remainder of the ideas, with annotations. OK, some of these are pretty complex so I'll leave the research up to you for most of them.

72. Start thinking local
73. Sell themed merchandise (Think “Team Edward” shirts)
74. Rent a billboard
75. Host a book release party
76. Link with an activity that supports your cause and sell your book there
77. Create a viral video about a scene from your book
78. Find a Place To Give a Book Reading:

Your local coffee shop
A hospital
A retirement community
A rehabilitation center
A local church
A locally owned bookstore
The library (try the five closest to your house)
The local community college
A school
Wherever the main setting of your book is

79. Discover where to donate your book (and make new fans):

Women’s shelters
VA hospitals
Homeless shelters
Children’s hospitals
Retirement homes
The five closest libraries to your house
The library in your hometown
Summer camp
Community libraries at coffee shops
The local community college library
The libraries in the town where the book was set in
Local B&B’s
Local motels
Church libraries
Rehab centers
Cruise ship libraries
Doctor’s offices
Community centers
Senior Centers

Become an expert:
80. Listen to the Novel Marketing Podcast
81. Become a HARO source
82. Get active on LinkedIn
83. Write Op-Ed pieces on the core message of your story
84. Write freelance pieces on the core message of your story and pitch to niche publications
85. Give lectures on the core message of your story
86. Host webinars with other experts
87. Create a series of web-videos interviewing experts on the core message of your story
88. Make sure your author about me page is interesting and relevant
89. Create a Meetup group

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