Book Marketing Ideas: Part 6

Book Marketing Ideas

At the Guild's August Marketing Support Group meeting, Laurie Asher shared a document with 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Increase your web presence.

Below are more of those ideas, with annotations.

Make some extra money:
51. Repackage old blog posts and sell them as an e-book.
  • Check out this post on that tells how Srinivas Rao did just that.
  • For an example closer to home, see SDWEG member Laura Roberts' travel books Montreal from A to Z, San Diego from A to Z, and Chicago from A to Z, all projects stemming from the annual A to Z blogging challenge conducted each year in April. For more about the A to Z blogging challenge, check out the Facebook page. (Note: The registration for the website url has expired, perhaps evidence that we should look for a new website before the April 2018 challenge.)
52. Join an affiliate program.

This one can be trickier. From the reading I've done, it's clear you need to do your own research to figure out if this approach is right for you.

There are lots and lots of Affiliate programs in addition to Amazon's Affiliate's program (mentioned below in #61). Here's a link to a site that lists 55 of them. Check out #61 for comments about joining Amazon's affiliate program.

General information about just what an affiliate program is follows.

Affiliate programs are a way for you to promote someone else's products and services on your blog in exchange for a percentage of whatever that someone else earns from those who click on the link on your site that leads to their site.

Affiliate programs work when both you and the organization you serve as an affiliate for are interested in, and you therefore blog about, the same topics.

Some affiliate programs allow you to set up the specific topics you are interested in supporting. For example, one affiliate program, ClickBank, allows you to set filters to match up your blog posts with companies that provide related services. If you are interested in and blog about photography, it would make sense for you to set up a filter with ClickBank for photography.

Most affiliate programs are with companies that sell general merchandise, such as Target or Walmart. Other affiliate programs work with a number of different companies instead of with just a single company. ClickBank is an example of this type of affiliate program.

53. Speak on the core topic of your book.

If you aren't already listed on the Guild's Speakers Bureau webpage, take a look at it and provide comparable information including what you are interested in speaking about to Sorry, for Guild members only.

54. Become a content writer.
  • If you are a member of an organization that has a newsletter, offer to write a regular column for it.
  • If the organization above has a website, offer to write a blog post for it.
  • Search for organizations devoted to your interests and passions and offer to provide regular articles or blog posts for them.
  • If you already blog on your site, offer them as guest posts for other organizations with a similar audience to yours.
55. Host paid webinars.

If you know how to do this already, put together a guest blog post for the Guild. I'll post it. Guaranteed.

56. Freelance with niche magazines.

You need to do the research to find the magazines. There are plenty of resources for freelance writers on the Resources page on the Guild's website.

57. Sell ads on your website.

If you sign up for a website, you can do this simply by not paying the $30 per  year it takes to remove the ads. But the ads that appear on your site may not be appropriate or relevant. Do a Google search on "sell ads on website" to find a variety of organizations willing to help you include ads that target the same audience as your website does.

58. Sell ads in your newsletter.

If you have a mailing list of followers, you should also have a newsletter. Consider an email management service such as MailChimp to prepare and send the newsletter.

59. Write a new ebook tailored to your fans.

This could be something short, something you can give a way to your fans in exchange for permission to add their email addresses to your list.

60. Mentor another writer.

Effective mentorships work both ways. Experienced writers can mentor beginning writers but may benefit from being mentored by younger writers who are more comfortable with social media.

61. Become an Amazon Affiliate (and use MyBookTable, a WordPress plugin from Author Media).

There is no organization offering more goods to more people than Amazon, which makes their affiliate program very attractive. Many marketing and public relations folks recommend authors become Amazon affiliates because the range of goods is so broad. If someone starts with the link from your website (affiliate links are customized and individual to each affiliate) and doesn't buy what you linked but buys something else, you, the affiliate, earn the appropriate percentage.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Well, it might be just that.

Amazon is the elephant in the room when discussing independently published books. If you use Amazon (or CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing) as the only means to distribute your books, becoming an Amazon affiliate may make sense.

But if you publish your books independently and want them distributed through independent bookstores, you don't want to advertise your special relationship with Amazon.  You may end up banned from the indie bookstores.

Think before you jump.

62. Offer customizable ebooks for readers.

There are hard copy versions of customizable books. You've probably seen the ads for children's books with titles such as The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. The text for these books can be altered with the addition of the child's name with each of the letters of the name determining which interior pages will be in the book.

Do the same thing but in ebook format. Offer the ebook version for free. Offer a paperback or hardback version at appropriate prices.

63. Sell your book on your site, not just Amazon.

Even if Amazon is the sole distributor of your book, make sure your website has a landing page with information for how to order the book directly from you. This distance between the buyer and Amazon will be appreciated by indie bookstores.

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