Book Marketing Ideas: Part 5

Book Marketing Ideas

At the Guild's August Marketing Support Group meeting, Laurie Asher shared a document with 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Your Web Presence.

Below are the another ten of those ideas, with annotations.

41. Create a fan page for your main character (works well if they are in a series)

Author Media, the source for the 89+ ideas, recommends Facebook Pages for Fan Pages. Check out this article on their site.

42. Ask fans to create their own book trailers and post them online

It just may be that your fans have talents you don't know about or have yourself. What have you got to lose by asking?

43. Offer core fans advanced copy of future books

See Tip #39 on Book Marketing Ideas: Part 4.

44. Ask fans to post pictures of “character spottings”

This idea would work well with Instagram. Ask fans to use the hashtag you created for your work so you can find them all easily.

Here's the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags on Instagram.

45. Offer “extra features” on your website

Author Media provides this list of examples of what extra features might consist of.

46. Use Twitter hashtags

Check out this list of the 44 Twitter Hashtags every author should know, from Author Media.

47. Poll your readers and listen to what they say

You can create a poll on your Facebook author page.

You can create a poll on your WordPress blog. (You can probably create a poll on any website or blogging platform. I happen to know more about WordPress than others.)

48. Answer all your blog comments

At a minimum, thank the commenter.

49. Engage with your fans on FB.

Pose questions on your Facebook author page.

50. Ask your fans to post pictures of them reading your book

Use your Facebook author page as the place fans should post their photos.

Used with permission The Write Practice – see more at

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