Book Marketing Ideas: Part 2

Book Marketing Ideas

At the Guild's August Marketing Support Group meeting, Laurie Asher shared a document with 89+ Book Marketing Ideas That Will Increase Your Web Presence.

Below are ten more of those ideas, with annotations. Pick just one to try out before our September meeting and use the "Leave a Reply" field at the bottom of the post to let us know what you learned from the experience.

11. Offer bloggers advanced reading copies

To find bloggers who may be interested in reviewing and Advanced Reader's Copy (ARC) of your book, find a book similar to yours, include the book title in quotes, the author's name in quotes, and "book review." For example, if your book is similar to this year's One Book, One San Diego selection, your query should look like this:

"Chris Bohjalian" "The Sandcastle Girls" "Book Review"

The results from that specific query will include bloggers and reviewers who are interested in your genre. Read through the reviews to identify bloggers you would like to review your book.

This tip came from Fauzia Burke when she spoke at Publishers and Writers of San Diego in May 2016.

12. Go on an online book tour

Huffington Post published a piece on how to set up an online book tour in 2013.

A slightly more up-to-date article from 2014 in Publishers Weekly tackles the same subject.

A 2015 article from Writer's Digest also provides tips.

13. Create a book launch team

This one could be a lot of work, but if done well, could also save you, the author, time by multiplying your message through your team. The simplest description I found concerning a book launch team came from Lee Constantine, on Medium.

14. Host Q+A sessions on Google+

Check out this post, also from Author Media, about three Google+ features every author should know about.

15. Create Facebook Friday videos

When I don't know where to begin to look for how to do something new with any social media platform, I turn to Social Media Examiner and search their website by typing the social media platform and the new concept into their custom box in the right column, just under the full-screen width banner inviting site visitors to sign up to receive their newsletter. Searching for "Facebook videos" brought up 100 recent posts since May 2017.

16. Register as an author on Amazon

Check out Amazon's post on how to do this.

17. Register as an author on Goodreads

To find out how to do this, check out the Goodreads post here.

18. Create a book trailer

Check out the trailer for Larry Edward's award-winning book, Dare I Call It Murder for an example.

Check out Henry Herz's trailer for his children's illustrated book, Cap'n Rex and His Clever Crew, developed using an iMovie template.

19. Add the free My Book Table plugin to your WordPress website to boost book sales.

My Book Table is another plugin from Author Media, the same group that came up with the My Book Progress plugin (and the same organization that put together the original list of 89+ ideas). For more information about the My Book Table plugin, see this description.

For examples of what the plugin looks like on a WordPress site, check out this page.

Like My Book Progress, installing My Book Table requires your website be on the platform.

20. Create a hashtag for your next book

Hashtags (# followed by a string of letters) organize content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ (and maybe other social media platforms) providing a way to view related content from multiple Twitter users.

Here's a Beginners Guide to Hashtags.

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