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On March 25, the Guild's Board of Directors met in a special meeting online, using Zoom, to address issues that couldn't be addressed at the previous in-person meeting due to the lack of a quorum of voting Board members in attendance.

Highlights of that meeting include the following:

  • The approval of the appointment of Mardie Schroeder as President to fill the vacant position.
  • The approval of the appointment of Leon Lazarus to a two-year term to replace Karl Keating.
  • The approval of the appointment of Sandra Yeaman to a one-year term to replace Marie DiMercurio. Sandra will continue to serve as webmaster and social media manager.
  • The approval to establish a Zoom Pro account for use by the Guild to conduct meetings during the enforced social distancing. The immediate need is for the Board members to be able to meet periodically, but we will also explore how we can use Zoom for the Marketing Support Meetings and regular meeting presentations until such time as we can return to in-place meetings. Watch for more information about this.
  • The approval of a Discussion Board for members only on the Guild's website. The announcement of this feature was published earlier this week.

The pandemic restrictions have forced us to explore new ways to conduct our business. We look forward to how these options may offer us new benefits in the future.

Image credit: Febrian Zakaria

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