Expired: Board Elections

From the October issue of The Writer's Life

At the Guild's regular meeting in September, President Mardie Schroeder introduced nominees for the positions on the Board of Directors that end in 2017. Voting by secret ballot will be held at the October meeting, Monday, October 23. The top five vote-getters will be the winners. The newly elected directors start their terms in January.

The nominees for the October vote are as follows:

  • Janet Hafner,
  • Frank Newton,
  • Adolpho Sanchez,
  • Mardie Schroeder,
  • Ken Yaros, and
  • Val Zolfaghri.

The period for nominations is still open. Nominations should be sent to President Mardie Schroeder at president@sdwritersguild.org so the names can be placed on the ballot.

Photo credit: Breather

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