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Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers

Each year in June, Writer's Digest publishes its list of the 101 best websites for writers. It also identifies the Best of the Best in each of eight categories. This post looks more closely at the Best of the Best in two categories: Creativity and Writing Advice.


Writer's Digest'screativity_portal_logo Best of the Best website in 2016 for Creativity is

This site has lots of resources for creativity, including a great imagination prompt generator, but it also has lots of ads, including Google AdChoices, that may appear to be part of the portal itself. Most of the content of the portal will be found in the center column with the left and right columns offering links to related content, only some of which is provided on the portal.

adchoicesLook out for links below the graphic at the left and be aware that where they lead may involve a cost or downloading applications that could carry malware or otherwise consume your computer's resources. If you are unsure whether a link is to an external site or to another part of the portal, hover the cursor over the link and then look at the bottom left of your screen to see the url of the link. If it does not begin with "," it is to an external site. Images in boxes within the center column also may lead to external sites. If the image below appears in the upper right-hand corner of a box, it also leads to an AdChoices referred site:


Writing Advice

writerunboxedBest of the Best website in 2016 for Writing Advice is

The content on this site changes often. This piece, Flog a Pro, caught my attention and will likely bring me back again to see more like it since the author, Ray Rhamey, frequently posts similar challenges. The site has a simply worded Disclosures page to make it clear to visitors that the site receives small commissions from sales of books through the links on its site as well as an FAQ page that answers general questions in plain English.

Writer Unboxed is holding its second Unconference in November in Salem, Massachusetts. For those unlikely to be able to take advantage of this option, the daily blog posts hold the most promise for value on this site. Because the site has been active since 2007, Therese Walsh, one of the site's founders, suggests newcomers start by checking out the colored keys on the typewriter in the site's banner. Hover over the colored keys and check out what the key leads to in the area to the left, represented below by "Select a key."



Writer Unboxed has an active social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, worth checking out. Note that the Facebook group requires reading the ground rules and then submitting a request to be added to the 5,000 plus names already there. No self-promotion permitted there.

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