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Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers

Each year in June, Writer's Digest publishes its list of the 101 best websites for writers. It also identifies the Best of the Best in each of eight categories. This post looks more closely at the Best of the Best in two categories: Everything Agents and Publishing/Marketing Resources.

Everything Agents

janet_reid Best of the Best website in 2016 for Everything Agents is Janet Reid, Literary Agent. Janet Reid's site is a joy to read for the humor and good-natured bantering on it as well as for the valuable advice she offers. Check out the Blog Glossary before tackling the posts in the center column because the language both those posing questions and in her answers rely on a shared understanding of the terminology she uses. It is part of her "voice."

Take a look at this site before you think you are ready to begin sending query letters or making pitches at conferences. Every link in the left and right column of this website leads to valuable information about what agents are looking for and how to maximize the likelihood that your query will be received favorably. The site has been around for many years, so it's likely any question you have about approaching agents has already been asked.

The site also offers the option of signing up for a newsletter.

Publishing/Marketing Resource


Writer's Digest's Best of the Best website in 2016 for Publishing/Marketing Resources is The Creative Penn.

Joanna Penn's site offers a convenient Start Here link for newcomers to get oriented to the wealth of information on the site. The first step offered is a free downloadable Author 2.0 Blueprint about self-publishing. I've requested it, confirmed I want to subscribe to tips from the site, but I'm still waiting for access to it to see how close it comes to the flowchart I keep hoping to find to answer all my questions.

I've dipped my toes into the Writing & Editing pool on the site and found inspirational pieces there. She offers podcasts (past programs on YouTube). She's from England, so her British accent adds charm to the information she shares.


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