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A few months ago, John Raab, CEO and Publisher of Suspense Magazine, offered a free subscription to the magazine for the benefit of the Guild's members. Here's a message from Suspense Magazine along with a link to the September/October issue. Remember the magazine is looking for new authors in the suspense genre.

Happy Holidays everyone! We are very excited to bring you our year end issue. Inside you will find the only list you will need to discover the Best Books of 2017. Last year author Greg Hurwitz won the Crimson Scribe award, which is given to only one book each year regardless of the category. This year's winner is.....did you really think I would give it away here? Shame on you for thinking that. Anyway we also have some author interviews, maybe you heard of them?

Interviews with:

  • Dean Koontz
  • Anne Rice
  • Christopher Rice
  • Marcia Clark
  • Marc Cameron

Alan Jacobson gives us some valuable information in the writer's toolkit. Dennis Palumbo writes a great article on deadline dread. Forensic files with D.P. Lyle, along with excerpts, reviews and short stories all included in this issue.

If I keep going you will never be able to enter the magazine, so I'll shut up now and let the games begin.

Click on the cover to get the magazine.

Don't forget to check out Suspense Radio and all the shows on the station.


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