Barking at Dogs: A Podcast from Leon Lazarus

SDWEG Guild member and Member-at-Large on the Board of Directors, Leon Lazarus, features stories of the absurdities of life in apartheid South Africa through podcasts on his website, Barking at Dogs.

Choose from four episodes already on the website:

  • "Barking at Dogs" The year is 1988. Our non-racial band is in a small college town in apartheid South Africa preparing to play for an unfriendly audience. The drummer, isn't taking any guff off the conservative audience.
  • "Matjiesfontein" There's a paranormal disturbance on the second floor of the hotel in Matjiesfontein, but it's not half as bad as the argument that ensues. If the story doesn’t scare you, it might make you laugh.
  • "Lost in Rini" (featured in the Guild's 2019 Guilded Pen Anthology) In apartheid South Africa, giving a friend a ride home after dark could prove dangerous. This episode of Barking At Dogs is dedicated to the late, great Alistair Weakly.
  • "Lion Dung" When a friend tells you to find lion shit and spread it across the lawn, ask questions before you plunge yourself into the task! In a January 25, 2014, episode of Mythbusters, the premise behind this story was busted.

Each episode is just short of half an hour, so be sure you have time to listen through to the end. Also be advised that the stories contain adult language and may not be suitable for young children. Now you know.

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