Are You Connected On Hometown Reads?

Hometown Reads for Authors and Readers

Through the Writers Coffeehouse Yahoo Group (connected to Jonathan Maberry's Writers Coffeehouse at Mysterious Galaxy),  I learned of a free site for authors: http://hometownreads. com/join/

San Diego is one of the cities with its own page on this site. I found books by SDWEG members Phil Pryde, M. Lee Buompensiero, Tom Leech, Wanjiru Warama, Mardie Schroeder, Laura Roberts, and Charlotte Thompson listed on it, but I know more SDWEG members have published books.

The idea is that readers like to find out about writers in their own community. If you aren't already part of Hometown Reads, consider joining. If you are part of Hometown Reads, let us know if you can determine its value. The price is right.

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