April Program: Penn Wallace and Marketing 101

Penn Wallace is the author of #1 bestselling political satire, Christmas Inc, the Ted Higuera Thrillers, and the Catrina Flaherty Mysteries.

Penn teaches classes on Indie Publishing, eMarketing, and other writing topics.

If Chevy Chase had played Indiana Jones, he would be Penn Wallace. Penn has a thirst for adventure, but nothing ever seems to go exactly as planned.

After his wife died, Penn decided that life should be lived for today, you never know if tomorrow will come.

In 2012 Penn left his career as a software engineer and set sail for the warm blue waters of Baja California in his 56-foot sailboat, the Victory. Along the way, he acquired a gorgeous blonde and her Great Dane. His stories of living on a sailboat with a giant dog, “Great Dane on Board,” have been his most popular blog posts.

Penn recently returned to San Diego after spending four months living on a jungle island in Panama. Expect him to pull up anchor and set sail for new horizons while he continues his writing.

On April 24, join us to hear Penn present Marketing 101, a presentation on topics such as knowing your target audience, writing a marketing plan, how to write an author bio, what should be in your media kit, and how to use your website and social media.

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