April Presenter, Susie Schaefer, Shares 10 Things That Scream Self-Published

The Board of Directors of SDWEG are excited to be able to restart our monthly meetings, even while we are unable to join together in our usual location. The April meeting will be conducted using Zoom, an online meeting platform that will allow us to come together in spite of remaining apart.

Top 10 Things that Scream "I'm Self-Published!"

Over the past decade, the publishing industry has changed. Where once a writer had to sell manuscripts to publishing houses, now every author is able to publish using the world of independent publishing. This has led to more freedom for writers, higher sales and better results for authors in every genre.

With a 62% increase in independently published books, it’s important to understand what makes you “look” self-published and what will elevate your book to the ranks of traditionally published books. This presentation will identify the Top 10 Things that Scream “I’m Self-Published” and how to avoid them.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes first-time (and seasoned!) authors make
  • How to avoid looking self-published – and why it matters
  • Why professional layout & cover design can make a difference
  • How to cut costs and time on editing

Come join us for a look inside the world of independent publishing, by learning what makes you stand out from a publisher’s perspective, and learn how to put your “best book forward” as an author.

Susie Schaefer’s love of books goes far beyond the feel of a fabric cover or the smell of a library. Her passion for helping authors put out high-end quality books and market them successfully brings her tremendous joy – especially when they become an Amazon Best Seller.

Susie hails from three decades in corporate America - teaching and training, becoming a marketing expert, and working with non-profits and in radio broadcasting and commercial acting. Susie has been called the “go-to gal” by her clients for teaching workshops for writers and guiding authors through the independent publishing process to finish that dream book, launch their speaking career, or build a business.

Susie has presented for the Laguna Woods Village Publishing Club, Publishers & Writers of Orange County, and the California Writer’s Club of Orange County. She was honored to be selected as a judge for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. When not reading, reviewing, or publishing books, Susie can be found practicing her downward dog (yoga), meditating on the beach, or planning her next travel adventure.

Join us on Monday, April 27, at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. We will send invitations to all Guild members with details on how to access the meeting on Zoom. If you are not a Guild member and want to be able to take part in the meeting, send a message to webmaster@sdwritersguild.org by Friday, April 24.

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