Anthology Launch Featured in November

The SDWEG general member meeting on November 26 will be devoted to the unveiling and release of The Guilded Pen, 2018. This is the 7th edition of the Guild’s anthology, containing 69 entries: short stories, essays, and poems—the work of 48 contributors.

We are grateful to efforts of Simone Arias and Ruth Wallace as the anthology’s editors, Marcia Buompensiero, managing editor, and the reviewers and proofers who labored to bring this anthology to completion. At the November meeting, the 315-page, softcover book will be on sale. The Guild produces the anthology as a fundraiser to help carry on its mission to promote and support the writing arts in San Diego.

As in the past, the heart of the meeting will be readings of a number of the stories and poems by the authors. Our writers submitted a fascinating array of topics. They shared their memoir tales of sacrifice and triumph, their imaginative short stories that tickle, amuse, and inspire, or shock with bone-chilling possibilities. They provoke thought with introspective essays. They bare their souls with sensitive, imaginative poetry. Within the anthology pages, writers, the everyday chroniclers of life and living, share their art. They turn words on a page into a living, breathing, thing—an idea to spark the human imagination.

Join us on November 26 for an exciting evening and pick up a copy. Then, take a moment. Sit back. Shed the day's cares and let your mind go wandering. Between the pages of a good book is where the magic begins.

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