Adobe Spark: A Resource for Creating Visuals

Think it's too hard to create graphics for your social media accounts? Meet Adobe Spark, a free resource to combine text with images for posts, web pages, or videos. The above is an example of an image for a post, created in under five minutes.

The steps, once you log in:

  • Select the text for the banner,
  • Select a theme to determine the style for the banner,
  • Select the image for the background, and
  • Select the color theme (or accept the default option).

When you are satisfied, select the option to Share the result. You can download the image (necessary in order to include it on a website as the above illustrates) or copy the link to send it by e-mail or embed it in a Facebook or Twitter post.

And you don't need a new username or password to use it. Log in using your Facebook account.

What are you waiting for?

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