A Traditional Publisher for Californians

Roaring Forties Press, a trade publisher in California, recently contacted the Guild to invite members with manuscripts ready to be published to contact them for consideration.

Roaring Forties Press is dedicated to the proposition that books can be both smart and stylish. Their books are designed to open readers’ eyes, literally and metaphorically.

Roaring Forties Press was founded by Deirdre Greene and Nigel Quinney, who together have more than fifty years of experience in all facets of the publishing industry, both in the United States and abroad. Together, they create books that enrich both the eye and the mind.

Currently, they are looking for nonfiction manuscripts, ideally, but not necessarily, with a Californian angle. As a small publisher, with national and international distribution, based both in Solana Beach and Berkeley, they would like to expand the number of authors based in San Diego where Nigel Quinney is now located. They've been in business for a dozen years, and tend to publish books about travel, the arts, and/or popular culture. Check out their website at www.roaringfortiespress.com for examples of works published.

If  you have a manuscript you're looking to get published, email Nigel Quinney at nq@roaringfortiespress.com.

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