A New Title from SDWEG Member Tom Leech, Published by SDWEG Member Rick Lakin

Titillating Tales from the Outhouse and other perky poetic adventures from author Tom Leech

Who among us does not have personal experiences with those small but important little buildings that go by many names – outhouses, privies, porta-potties, johns, loos, cans, crappers, thrones, and many more? And who has not heard or shared their own funny tales about those adventures?

Available now is a book full of amusing and rhyming poems dealing with exactly that subject, from

  • How the term "crapper" got its name,
  • including the story of Jose who rents his portable bano to drivers at the world's busiest border,
  • to military colonels using two-story outhouses (hmmmmm...what does that mean to the privates?)

These and more outhouse tales will likely stir some memories and definitely bring on big-league chuckles (and maybe snorts).

Also here is a set of poems by author Tom on subjects other than outhouses that will trigger more laughs.  Finally there are some classic centuries-old poems about adventuresome outhouse experiences written by authors James Whitcomb Riley, Robert Service, and yes, some tomes Shakespeare himself spouted off.  

“Never in my life did I realize there was so much to say about outhouses! From drunken damsels to a triad of escaped convicts to the outhouse adventures of Santa Claus, this book of poems is a delight. It transports the reader to another time and (odorous) place in a deluge of hysterical whimsy. I challenge you not to giggle.”   

Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., Author of 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias: Watch, Think, Act”

Titilating Tales from the Outhouse is available for preorders here until October 27.

Tom Leech is the author of books on various subjects: humor, business, nature, world travel and children's poetry. Recent books include Fun on the Job: Amusing and true tales from Rosie-the-Riveters to Rocket Scientists at a major aerospace company and the 2nd edition of Say It Like Shakespeare: The Bard’s Timeless Tips for Successful Communication. Tom's poems have been published in many author anthologies, his own books, and various publications.

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